Pet Training Pads, Reusable Pet Pads, Fast Absorbing, Waterproof Bottom

Pet Training Pads, Reusable Pet Pads, Fast Absorbing, Waterproof Bottom

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Product Details

Product Details:
The Materials:Non-woven, Tissue, Fluff(SAP), and PE film.
The Size: 56 *56 cm , 40 * 60 cm  , 60 * 60 cm  ,60 x*90 cm
Colors: Blue, White, Pink
PE Film Backing helps prevent leakage.
Support optional specifications, colors, and sizes.
With this pet pad, no longer worry about no time to mop the floor.
Pet pads are mainly used to train puppies or dogs to stay indoors and urinate for a long time. Pet mats can also cultivate some good habits of pets. Will help your life, so that you don't have to spend your time cleaning your room, but also to protect your floor from damage, you will find them very useful to protect your home furniture and keep your house clean.
A wide range of pet training pads   Want beautiful pet training pads for peeing to prevent water leakage, not to slide around and not to disperse after multiple washings? Our pet training pads allow your fur baby to "go" somewhere at work, running or nightlife! We also have a customized pattern service to bring you unique pet training pads that belong to you.

100% washable and reusable-using environmentally friendly   Washable pet training pads, they can be cleaned only a few times, thus saving countless time and energy.
Super absorbent and non-slip properties  Our non-slip multi-layer pet training pads quickly absorb moisture and hold more liquid per square inch than most other dog pet training pads on the market.

You and your pet's good life is only one pet pad, if you are feeling sad for your pet to urinate anywhere, then you can try our pet pad. we will give the best price and service.
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery: FOB /CNF, L/C,TT,D/P
Minimum order quantity:800pcs/color
Packing details:Bag or carton packaging
Delivery time:25days
Payment method:L/C, TT, D/P