Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers

General items: production of daily-use masks (non-medical); production of labor protection products; manufacturing of knitted or crocheted fabrics.

Zhejiang Kaen Medical Devices Co., Ltd. specializes in personal protective equipment for sale and supply.

Personal protective articles refer to personal protective articles provided by workers in the process of labor production to avoid or reduce the injury of accidents and occupational hazards, which directly protect the human body. In contrast, industrial protective articles, not directly to the human body play a protective role.

Characteristics: filter respiratory protective equipment is based on the principle of filtration absorption, the use of filter materials to filter out toxic and harmful substances in the air, the polluted air into clean air for personnel to breathe a class of respiratory protective equipment, such as dust masks, gas masks and filter gas masks.

Isolated respiratory protective equipment is based on the principle of isolation, so that the personnel respirator officials, eyes and faces are isolated from the outside polluted air, relying on their own gas source or through the introduction of air ducts to clean air outside the polluted environment for gas supply, to ensure the normal breathing and respiratory protective equipment, also known as isolation gas mask, oxygen gas mask, long tube respirator and diving mask.