Disposable Medical Protective Mask Manufacturers

Zhejiang Kaen Medical Devices Manufacturer disposable medical protective mask for sale. Our disposable medical protective mask is made of P.P. soft and comfortable material, will not irritate the skin, and is comfortable to use. The nose clip design can be adjusted most comfortably according to different face shapes, and the ear straps are firm and not easy to fall.

Product Structure Composition

The product is rectangular structure, with bendable nose clip, with easy to adjust the mask belt. Product performance: particle filtration efficiency of mask filter material is not less than 95%; inspiratory resistance is not more than 343.2 Pa (35mmH2O); dip water grade is not lower than GB3 grade in GB/T4745.


For medical units clinical medical staff non-invasive medical operation protection.


Sterilize before use with sterile scissors. If rupture and leakage are found, use is prohibited. One-time use, after use should be unified destruction. Store in dry, clean and away from fire.