Why Choose Disposable Mattress?

Update:Apr 09,2021
Summary:I .4 Characteristics of Disposable Mattresses1. bacteriostasis, effectively prevent virus infection, skin allergies, and other symptoms;2. clean and s......
I .4 Characteristics of Disposable Mattresses
1. bacteriostasis, effectively prevent virus infection, skin allergies, and other symptoms;
2. clean and sanitary, can effectively adsorb odor;
3. use method is simple, convenient, and quick;
4. disinfection products. The disposable medical mattress surface is breathable and absorbent soft cloth, always keep comfortable and dry, imported wood pulp, polymer absorption resin, leakage layer using PE rheological waterproof film.

II. What should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of disposable mattresses
1. keep clean
Get up in the morning and lift the sheets for a few hours to give the mattress full breath. Gently sweep around the mattress with a soft brush to remove floating soil. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, the dust inside the mattress generally can not penetrate the surface liner material is sucked out. Use a mattress cover is a simple and effective method, regular cleaning the most hygienic.

Do not fold 2. spring mattress handling
Generally speaking, the mattress should be carried by two people. Keep the mattress on the same level during handling, which will facilitate handling and reduce damage. Excessive bending can damage the internal spring system. You can bend the mattress slightly over the door, not overfold. When laying sheets, be careful not to bend the four corners of the mattress.
3. regular turnover
It is recommended to change the direction of the mattress regularly to maintain comfort. The mattress contains a multi-layer inner cushion to extend comfort and enhance support function. For new mattresses, there is often human indentation, which indicates that the upper cushion plays a comfortable role in matching body shape. To reduce human indentation, please occasionally change the direction of the mattress during use of the mattress. For large spring mattresses, there is also a flip-free design, for a thin family, this innovation is very practical.